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"I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." - Richard Feynman


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Additional Information for University of Edinburgh staff and students

Level 1 (Foundation)

Aimed at people coming to University with appropriate Scottish Higher qualifications / A Levels. A consolidation of some material which is familiar, explored more thoroughly.

Foundations of Classical Physics (61 resources)
Classical Mechanics, Dynamics, Rotational Motion, Oscillations and Waves.

The Stuff of the Universe (12 resources)
Classical Models of Particles and Waves, Quantum Physics, Elementary Quantum Mechanics and the Phases of Matter

Level 2 (Introductory)

Builds on the fundamentals laid down in the level 1 courses in greater mathematical depth.

Introduction to Mechanics, Dynamics and Electromagnetism (32 resources)
Dynamics and Relativity, Electromagnetism

Introduction to Quantum Physics and Properties of Matter (52 resources)
Waves, Quantum Physics, Properties of Matter

Additional Resources

Click here to see the resources that are currently unrelated to any of the above levels.

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