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"The theory of quanta can be likened to medicine that cures the disease but kills the patient." - Hendrick Kramers


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Each resource has been matched to one topic that it most closely fits. Select a topic below to see the resources associated with a it.

Astrophysics (5 resources)
Astronomy and cosmology

Chaos (5 resources)
Seemingly simple systems that exhibit complex behaviour, and the non-linear equations that govern them.

Electricity and Magnetism (17 resources)
Charge; electric fields; electric potential; Gauss' Law; magnetostatics.

Energy and Work (2 resources)
Kinetic Energy; Potential Energy; Conversvation of Energy; Work.

Fluids (1 resource)
The physics of fluid systems

General Interest (11 resources)
Resources that are not related to any particular physics topic but are still worth exploring.

Mechanics, Kinematics & Dynamics (63 resources)
Motion of particles in 2D and 3D; forces; linear and angular motion; momemtum.

Optics (10 resources)
Diffraction, interference, lenses

Probability and Statistics (3 resources)
Probability distributions and densities; Binomial, Poisson and Gaussian distributions.

Properties of Matter (23 resources)
Atoms and molecules; solids, liquids and gases.

Quantum Physics (12 resources)
Classical particle theory; classical wave theory; wave-particle duality; Heisenberg uncertainty principle; Schrodinger's equation; wavefunctions; potential energy wells.

Relativity (6 resources)
Frames of reference; relativistic dynamics.

Tools Of The Trade (7 resources)
Units; numbers; vectors.

Vibrations and Waves (52 resources)
Types of waves; wave motion; SHM; damping; periodic forcing; resonance; wave packets; phase and group velocity.

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