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"Nothing is more interesting to the true theorist than a fact which directly contradicts a theory generally accepted up to that time, for this is his particular work." - Max Planck


Over the last six years, the School of Physics has piloted the use of IT in teaching the first year Foundations of Physics course. This project was used to further develop this effort, by introducing interactive simulations into the learning environment, which will be used during lectures, for self-study and as the basis for introducing ideas and developing problem-solving skills in tutorial questions.

This website is the result of a development project that was funded by the Physical Sciences subject center of the Higher Education Academy (formerly LTSN).

A paper was published in Issue 1 [PDF] of New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Science.

Programming Credits

  • James Magee (2001)
  • Dan Wilson RI (2001)
  • Sean Wilson - Informatics PhD [Homepage] (2002)
  • David McKain (2003-)
  • Andy Waite - BSc Physics [Homepage] (2005)
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