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Week beginning 4 December 2016

Monday 5 Dec 16 - 1:00pm

Lunchtime Seminars

Title: 'Colloids as a model system for proteins at interfaces'

Rudi Mears (University of Edinburgh)

Proteins are a diverse class of polymers which are ubiquitous in nature. We aim to improve the understanding of how protein properties relate to their ensemble interfacial behaviour by employing colloids as a model system. In this talk I will describe my work on sterically stabilised poly(methyl methacrylate)(PMMA) particles at the water/dodecane interface, focusing on pendant drop tensiometry to probe the effect of changing particle size.

Friday 9 Dec 16 - 11:30am

Journal Club

Directed evolution of cytochrome c for carbon-silicon bond formation: Bringing silicon to life

Authors: S. B. Jennifer Kan, Russell D. Lewis, Kai Chen, Frances H. Arnold

Speaker: Clair-Marie Loudon

Enzymes that catalyze carbon-silicon bond formation are unknown in nature, despite the natural abundance of both elements. Such enzymes would expand the catalytic repertoire of biology, enabling living systems to access chemical space previously only open to synthetic chemistry.We have discovered that heme proteins catalyze the formation of organosilicon compounds under physiological conditions via carbene insertion into silicon-hydrogen bonds. The reaction proceeds both in vitro and in vivo, accommodating a broad range of substrates with high chemo- and enantioselectivity. Using directed evolution, we enhanced the catalytic function of cytochrome c from Rhodothermus marinus to achieve more than 15-fold higher turnover than state-of-the-art synthetic catalysts. This carbon-silicon bond-forming biocatalyst offers an environmentally friendly and highly efficient route to producing enantiopure organosilicon molecules.
Science 354 pages 1048-1051 (2016)
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Upcoming meetings

Friday 16 Dec 16 - 11:30am - JCMB 2511

Journal Club

Contact Angle Distribution of Particles at Fluid Interfaces

Authors: Craig Snoeyink, Sourav Barman, Gordon F. Christopher

Speaker: Rudi Mears

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