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The journal club is intended to be a weekly natter about interesting recent research. We tend to stick to high-impact journals - Nature, Science, PNAS and PRL have been popular - but this is not prescriptive. Given the diversity of research in the CM group, chosen topics vary widely. Anyone and everyone is welcome: if you have a paper you want to discuss, email it to me (Joe Tavacoli) and I'll slot you in.

Week beginning 22 May 2016

Tuesday 24 May 16 - 11:30am

To be confirmed

Friday 27 May 16 - 11:30am - JCMB 2511

Loss of lamin A function increases chromatin dynamics in the nuclear interior

Authors: I. Bronshtein, E. Kepten, I. Kanter, S. Berezin, M. Lindner, Abena B. Redwood, S Mai, S. Gonzalo, R. Foisner, Y. Shav-Tal, Y. Garini

Speaker: Davide Marenduzzo

Chromatin is organized in a highly ordered yet dynamic manner in the cell nucleus, but the principles governing this organization remain unclear. Similarly, it is unknown whether, and how, various proteins regulate chromatin motion and as a result influence nuclear organization. Here by studying the dynamics of different genomic regions in the nucleus of live cells, we show that the genome has highly constrained dynamics. Interestingly, depletion of lamin A strikingly alters genome dynamics, inducing a dramatic transition from slow anomalous diffusion to fast and normal diffusion. In contrast, depletion of LAP2a, a protein that interacts with lamin A and chromatin, has no such effect on genome dynamics. We speculate that chromosomal inter-chain interactions formed by lamin A throughout the nucleus contribute to chromatin dynamics, and suggest that the molecular regulation of chromatin diffusion by lamin A in the nuclear interior is critical for the maintenance of genome organization.
Nature Communications 6 Article number 8044 (2015)
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Additional Reading Exploring chromatin organization mechanisms through its dynamic properties

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