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Explanatory note

The journal club is intended to be a weekly natter about interesting recent research. We tend to stick to high-impact journals - Nature, Science, PNAS and PRL have been popular - but this is not prescriptive. Given the diversity of research in the CM group, chosen topics vary widely. Anyone and everyone is welcome: if you have a paper you want to discuss, email it to me (Joe Tavacoli) and I'll slot you in.

Most recent meetings

Friday 27 Jun 14 - 11:30am

Ciliary contact interactions dominate surface scattering of swimming eukaryotes

Authors: Vasily Kantsler, Jöm Dunkel, Marco Polin, Raymond E. Goldstein

Speaker: Jochen Arlt

Friday 20 Jun 14 - 11:30am

To be confirmed

Cancelled due to extra seminar

Friday 13 Jun 14 - 11:30am

Chiral symmetry breaking and surface faceting in chromonic liquid crystal droplets with giant elastic anisotropy

Authors: Joonwoo Jeong, Zoey S. Davidson, Peter J. Collings, Tom C. Lubensky, A. G. Yodh

Speaker: Anne Pawsey

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