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Meetings for year 2007

Friday 12 Jan 07 - 11:30am

Shape selectivity in the assembly of lithographically designed colloidal particles

Authors: Stephane Badaire, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Joseph W. Woody, Allen Yang and Abraham D. Stroock

Speaker: Kathryn White

Friday 19 Jan 07 - 11:30am

Brownian motion near a liquid-like membrane

Authors: T. Bickel

Speaker: Danielle vant Zand

Friday 26 Jan 07 - 11:30am

An asymmetric model for water structure

Authors: A. K. Soper

Speaker: Susie Allison

Friday 2 Feb 07 - 11:30am

Escherichia coli swim on the right-hand side

Authors: Willow R. DiLuzio, Linda Turner, Michael Mayer, Piotr Garstecki, Douglas B. Weibel, Howard C. Berg and George M. Whitesides

Speaker: Ottavio Croze

Friday 9 Feb 07 - 11:30am

Nonequilibrium mechanics of active cytoskeletal networks

Authors: Daisuke Mizuno, Catherine Tardin, C. F. Schmidt and F. C. MacKintosh

Speaker: Laurence Wilson

Friday 16 Feb 07 - 11:30am

Crossover from stretched to compressed exponential relaxations in a polymer-based sponge phase

Authors: P. Falus, M. A. Borthwick, S. Narayanan, A. R. Sandy and S. G. J. Mochrie

Speaker: Paul Clegg

Friday 23 Feb 07 - 11:30am

Quorum signal molecules as biosurfactants affecting swarming in Rhizobium etli

Authors: Ruth Daniels, Sven Reynaert, Hans Hoekstra, Christel Verreth, Joost Janssens, Kristien Braeken, Maarten Fauvart, Serge Beullens, Christophe Heusdens, Ivo Lambrichts, Dirk E. De Vos, Jos Vanderleyden, Jan Vermant and Jan Michiels

Speaker: Wilson Poon

Friday 2 Mar 07 - 11:30am

Bistable bacterial growth rate in response to antibiotics with low membrane permeability

Authors: Johan Elf, Karin Nilsson, Tanel Tenson and Mans Ehrenberg

Speaker: Rosalind Allen

Friday 9 Mar 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: cancelled

Friday 16 Mar 07 - 11:30am

Collective evolution and the genetic code

Authors: Kalin Vetsigian, Carl Woese and Nigel Goldenfeld

Speaker: Richard Blythe

Friday 23 Mar 07 - 11:30am

Sterol structure determines the separation of phases and the curvature of the liquid-ordered phase in model membranes

Authors: Kirsten Bacia, Petra Schwille and Teymuras Kurzchalia

Speaker: Zhijun Zhao

Friday 30 Mar 07 - 11:30am

Optofluidic control using photothermal nanoparticles

Authors: Gang L. Liu, Jaeyoun Kim, Yu Lu and Luke P. Lee

Speaker: Lucio Isa

Friday 6 Apr 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: Good Friday

Friday 13 Apr 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: cancelled

Friday 20 Apr 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: cancelled due to illness

Friday 27 Apr 07 - 11:30am

Concentration dependence of the collective dynamics of swimming bacteria

Authors: Andrey Sokolov, Igor S. Aranson, John O. Kessler and Raymond E. Goldstein

Speaker: Rut Besseling

Friday 4 May 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: Softcomp Annual Meeting, Erice

Friday 11 May 07 - 11:30am

Propulsion of a molecular machine by asymmetric distribution of reaction products

Authors: Ramin Golestanian, Tanniemola B. Liverpool and Armand Ajdari

Speaker: Davide Marenduzzo

Friday 18 May 07 - 11:30am

Dissolution arrest and stability of armored bubbles

Authors: Manouk Abkarian, Anand B. Subramaniam, Shin-Hyun Kim, Ryan Larsen, Seung-Man Yang and Howard A. Stone

Speaker: Mike Cates

Friday 25 May 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: cancelled

Friday 1 Jun 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: cancelled due to markers' meeting

Friday 8 Jun 07 - 11:30am

Einstein relation generalized to nonequilibrium

Authors: V. Blickle, T. Speck, C. Lutz, U. Sifert and C. Bechinger

Speaker: Martin Evans

Friday 15 Jun 07 - 11:30am

Hydra molecular network reaches criticality at the symmetry-breaking axis-defining moment

Authors: Jordi Soriano, Cyril Colombo and Albrecht Ott

Speaker: Rupert Nash

Friday 22 Jun 07 - 11:30am

Soft lubrication

Authors: J. M. Skotheim and L. Mahadevan

Speaker: Alexander Morozov

Friday 29 Jun 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: summer break

Friday 6 Jul 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: summer break

Friday 13 Jul 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: summer break

Friday 20 Jul 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: summer break

Friday 27 Jul 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: summer break

Friday 3 Aug 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: summer break

Friday 10 Aug 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: summer break

Friday 17 Aug 07 - 11:30am

Measurement of effective temperatures in an aging colloidal glass.

Authors: Nils Greinert, Tiffany Wood and Paul Bartlett

Speaker: Laurence Wilson

Friday 24 Aug 07 - 11:30am

Experimental free energy surface reconstruction from single-molecule force spectroscopy using Jarzynski's equality.

Authors: Nolan C. Harris, Yang Song and Ching-Hwa Kiang

Speaker: Richard Blythe

Friday 31 Aug 07 - 11:30am

Chemotaxis in bacteria.

Authors: Julius Adler

Speaker: Ottavio Croze

Friday 7 Sep 07 - 11:30am

Self-motile colloidal particles: from directed propulsion to random walk.

Authors: J. R. Howse, R. A. L. Jones, A. J. Ryan, T. Gough, R. Vafabakhsh and R. Golestanian

Speaker: Kathryn White

Friday 14 Sep 07 - 11:30am

Flows driven by flagella of multicellular organisms enhance long-range molecular transport.

Authors: M. B. Short, C. A. Solari, S. Ganguly, T. R. Powers, J. O. Kessler and R. E. Goldstein

Speaker: Davide Marenduzzo

Friday 21 Sep 07 - 11:30am

Femtosecond time-delay X-ray holography

Authors: Henry N. Chapman et al.

Speaker: Job Thijssen

Friday 28 Sep 07 - 11:30am

Experimental and theoretical study of mitotic spindle orientation

Authors: Manuel Thery, Andrea Jimenez-Dalmaroni, Victor Racine, Michel Bornens and Frank Juelicher

Speaker: Lawrence Mitchell

Friday 5 Oct 07 - 11:30am

Physical nature of bacterial cytoplasm

Authors: Ido Golding and Edward C. Cox

Speaker: Wilson Poon

Friday 12 Oct 07 - 11:30am

Stochastic gene expression in fluctuating environments

Authors: Mukund Thattai and Alexander van Oudenaarden

Speaker: Rosalind Allen

Friday 19 Oct 07 - 11:30am

Dynamical evolution of ecosystems

Authors: Sandro Azaele, Simone Pigolotti, Jayanth R. Banavar and Amos Maritan

Speaker: Amit Chattopadhyay

Friday 26 Oct 07 - 11:30am

Self-assembly and cross-linking of bionanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces

Authors: Justin T. Russell et al.

Speaker: Mike Cates

Friday 2 Nov 07 - 11:30am

Electrostatics at the oil-water interface, stability, and order in emulsions and colloids

Authors: Mirjam E. Leunissen, Alfons van Blaaderen, Andrew D. Hollingsworth, Matthew T. Sullivan and Paul M. Chaikin

Speaker: Paul Clegg

Friday 9 Nov 07 - 11:30am

Chemotaxis of nonbiological colloidal rods

Authors: Yiyinig Hong, Nicole Blackman, Nathaniel Kopp, Ayusman Sen and Darrell Velegol

Speaker: Rupert Nash

Friday 16 Nov 07 - 11:30am

Two-dimensional nematic colloidal crystals self-assembled by topological defects

Authors: Igor Musevic, Miha Skarabot, Uros Tkalec, Miha Ravnik and Slobodan Zumer

Speaker: Tiffany Wood

Friday 23 Nov 07 - 11:30am

Metamaterial electromagnetic cloak at microwave frequencies

Authors: D. Schurig, J. J. Mock, S. A. Cummer, J. B. Pendry, A. F. Starr and D. R. Smith

Speaker: Oliver Henrich

Friday 7 Dec 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: winter break

Friday 14 Dec 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: winter break

Friday 21 Dec 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: winter break

Friday 28 Dec 07 - 11:30am

No meeting: winter break