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Explanatory note

This is a weekly series of informal talks given primarily by members of the soft condensed matter and statistical mechanics groups, but is also open to members of other groups and external visitors. The aim of the series is to promote discussion and learning of various topics at a level suitable to the broad background of the group. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Speakers should read this note

Week beginning 17 May 2015

Monday 18 May 15 - 1:00pm

Understanding the Biophysical Mechanism of Ranaspumin-2 Surface Activity

Ryan Morris (Univeristy of Edinburgh)

Ranaspumin-2 (Rsn-2) is a surfactant protein that has been identified as an important component in the foam nests of the tungara frog. It is not immediately obvious structurally, as in the case of other surfactant proteins such as the hydrophobins, how or why Rsn-2 is so surface active. Previous work has suggested that Rsn-2 undergoes an `un-hinging’ mechanism at the interface, whereby the hydrophobic core of the protein is exposed to the interface whilst keeping its overall secondary structure motifs. In this work we study the interfacial activity of both wild type Rsn-2 and several mutants using both experiment and molecular dynamics simulations. We find the interfacial adsorption of Rsn-2 is described by a 2-step process and identify a mechanism by which the protein undergoes this unusual `clam shell-like’ structural transition.

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Monday 25 May 15 - 1:00pm - Room 2511

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Monday 1 Jun 15 - 1:00pm - Room 2511

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Aidan Brown (Univeristy of Edinburgh)

Monday 8 Jun 15 - 1:00pm - Room 2511

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Davide Marenduzzo (Univeristy of Edinburgh)

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Note for speakers

  • We try to encourage an informal atmosphere.
  • To encourage discussion, talks are limited to 30/40 mins plus up to 20/10 mins for questions.
  • Almost any style of talk is allowed and resident speakers are encouraged to give a variety of different types of talk during their stay at Edinburgh. Examples include talks about the speaker's research, a particular paper or publication (`Journal Club' talks), pedagogical talks, question-and-answer sessions, etc.
  • Speakers are encouraged to pitch their seminars to the whole group.
  • I would be grateful if the next speaker on the list could inform me of the title and short abstract (it should fit onto the usual advertising poster) of his/her talk by Wednesday of the week before, to allow me to do the advertising.
  • Anyone unable to give their talk on the scheduled date should in the first instance try to rearrange with someone else on the list, and only then inform me of the final outcome so that I can change the rota.
  • Talks of soft condensed matter students can only be cancelled with permission from Prof. Cates, and should be done as far in advance as possible to give some chance of finding a replacement.
  • If anyone would like to volunteer a seminar themselves, knows of a visitor or new arrival who might be willing to give a talk, or for any other queries, please contact the seminar organiser (see below for email address).