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Explanatory note

This is a roughly weekly series of didactical blackboard talks focussing on some theoretical aspect of Condensed Matter, Biological, and Statistical Physics. The range of topics is sufficiently loosely defined that core interests within SUPA's CMMP theme, the agent-based modelling of complex systems relevant to the NANIA project, or whatever else takes our fancy are all accommodated.

Actually, the best way to find out what we talk about is to look at the list of titles below.

If you're wanting to receive mailings about these talks, request a topic for discussion, or - even better - offer to lead the discussion yourself, please email either Peter Mottishaw or Chay Paterson.

Most recent meetings

Wednesday 6 Jul 16 - 11:30am

Introduction to integrability in stochastic models

Matthieu Vanicat

Wednesday 29 Jun 16 - 11:30am

Swimming crystals and Simha-Ramaswamy instability

Alexander Morozov

Wednesday 8 Jun 16 - 11:30am

Krylov Subspace Methods

Oliver Henrich

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