Nuclear Physics
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Nuclear physics deals with the properties of nuclei and how their properties may be understood in terms of the interactions between the constituents. The basic questions facing nuclear physics today range over the extremes of physical phenomena from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Thus the properties of nuclei have their origins in the basic interactions of elementary particles, quarks and gluons, while the macroscopic evolution of the universe is directly related to the interactions between nuclei. The activities of the Edinburgh Nuclear Physics Group reflect this diversity. Some of these activities are briefly described below.
Scientific Activities
The Edinburgh group has an internationally leading and broad ranging research programme that evolves to address forefront scientific issues in nuclear physics. Experiments are performed at world leading international accelerator facilities, where we are spokespersons for a large number of proposals. This scientific leadership is underpinned by innovative experimental techniques, and the use of the group’s detection and instrumentation systems. The group is a world leader in advanced Silicon Strip Detector systems (SSDs) for nuclear physics research.


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