Particle Physics Experiment Group

Welcome to the Particle Physics Experiment (PPE) research group

Nobelprize for Physics awarded to Peter Higgs

Words of congratulations from the PPE group

We seek an understanding of the fundamental particles of nature and the interactions (forces) governing their behaviour. In particular, from understanding the symmetries and conserved quantities present in the universe, we seek to explain the dominance of matter over anti-matter (study of CP violation at BaBar/LHCb), and mechanisms of symmetry breaking (ATLAS/ILC) which lead to the creation of mass. Extensive distributed Grid computing (GridPP) will be used to store and analyse the tens of petabytes of data that will be produced at the LHC.

The group comprises of eight academic faculty (Phil Clark, Peter Clarke, Victoria Martin, Christos Leonidopoulos, Franz Muheim (group leader), Alex Murphy, Matthew Needham and Steve Playfer), two Honorary Professors (Fabiola Gianotti and Ken Peach), an Honorary Fellow (Alan Walker), three advanced fellows, eleven postdoctoral research associates and seventeen postgraduate students, plus technical, computing and admin support staff.

NEW: Senior Electronics Engineer position available

Nobel prize for physics awarded for the observation of neutrino oscillations

LHCb experiment at CERN observes new type of particles consistent with pentaquarks

We are currently participating in the following projects: