Particle Physics Experiment Group

Experimental Particle Physics Seminars 2014

(Usually) Tuesdays at 4:00 pm, JCMB

Date Time Room Speaker Institute Title (click for abstract) Slides
28/01/2014 16:00 6301 Mark Thomson
Cambridge Physics and Detectors at the International Linear Collider
04/02/2014 16:05 6301 Francesca di Lodovico
QMUL Current T2K Status and Hyper-Kamiokande Perspectives
11/02/2014 16:00 6301 Marco Zanetti (POSTPONED)
17/03/2014 13:00 6301 Ian Shipsey
Oxford The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
18/03/2014 16:00 6206 Alan Watson
Leeds Can cosmic rays give insights into hadronic physics above LHC energies?
25/03/2014 16:00 6301 Alfons Weber
Oxford LBL Neutrino-Oscillations
15/04/2014 16:00 6206 Bjoern Seitz
Glasgow The Fukushima radiation survey

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