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Please navigate the html version of my thesis using the table of contents below or click here to download the pdf files.

Theoretical and experimental study of wave propagation in brass musical instruments


Jonathan A Kemp

A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements
for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
to the
University of Edinburgh


In Chapter 2, equation (2.100) should read:
$Z^{(0)} = (i D_3)^{-1} Z_c - D_2^{-1} Z_c (Z^{(1)} + (i D_3)^{-1} Z_c)^{-1} D_2^{-1} Z_c$
In Chapter 7, in the section called "Acoustic pulse reflectometry measurement with MLS excitation", the second paragraph should begin with:
MLS signals are inherently periodic with a period of $2^m-1$.
These changes have been made in the online html and pdf versions of my thesis.

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Jonathan Kemp 2003-03-24