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8.1 Physics Measurement Questionnaire (PMQ)

[A] Authors

S. Allie, A. Buffler, B. Campbell, F. Lubben
University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch 7701, South Africa

[B] Summary and Format

A 10 item survey probing students understanding of experimental practice, especially their understanding of the need for repeated measurements, the interpertation of range, and uncertainty. Should take about 20-30 minutes to do.

[C] Citation

S. Allie, A. Buffler, B. Campbell, F. Lubben
First-year physics students’ perceptions of the quality of experimental measurements
Int. J. Sci. Educ. 20, 447-459 (1998)

[D] How to obtain

The instrument can be obtained online

[E] Relevant literature

This link takes you to Google Scholar search for literature associated with this concept inventory.

Google Scholar citation for the PMQ