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1.3 Force-Motion Concept Evaluation (FMCE)

[A] Authors

Ronald Thornton and David Sokoloff
Center for Science and Mathematics Teaching, Departments of Physics and Education, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts 0215, USA

[B] Summary and Format

A survey containing 47 items in a multiple-choice multiple-response format. This covers a wider variety of topics than the FCI, including many more questions on kinematics. Machine gradable on a Scantron sheet except for one item, which requests a written response. This can be collected separately.

[C] Citation

R. Thornton, D. Sokoloff
Assessing student learning of Newton’s laws: The Force and Motion Conceptual Evaluation
Am. J. Phys. 66(4), 228-351 (1998).

[D] How to obtain

The instrument can be obtained online

[E] Relevant literature

This link takes you to Google Scholar search for literature associated with this concept inventory.

Google Scholar citation for the FMCE