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e-Learning in the School of Physics and Astronomy

The School of Physics and Astronomy e-Learning team exists to develop, support and promote the pragmatic use of e-Learning methodologies and technologies across the School's teaching programme.

Our work and projects builds on developments in the School which started over seven years ago with our first tentative steps at creating online materials to support teaching in a large first year Physics course.

These pages give an overview of who we are, the services we provide within the School and showcase some of our recent projects and successes.

What is e-Learning?

Put simply, e-Learning is the use of technology to supplement, support or enhance a student's learning experience. This can be as simple as presenting students with a single port of call for electronic course information, course notes and communication tools through to the creation of rich electronic environments that students can personalise and everything in between these extremes.

About Us

E-learning activity within the School focuses on a small team of dedicated e-learning academics and developers, working with other members within the various units of the School, such as the Institute for Astronomy, National e-Science Centre and EPCC. We also collaborate and liaise closely with the College of Science and Engineering e-Learning team.

Our e-learning activities have been funded by a number of successful grant awards from the University of Edinburgh's e-Learning Project Fund and other sources, including the Higher Education Academy Physical Sciences Subject Centre and JISC. We have also been involved in a number of collaborative projects with other Schools within the University.