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Project Showcase

MathAssess & FETLAR

MathAssess & FETLAR developed tools for mathematical assessment and promoted the sharing of open educational resources in this context.


In 2010/11 we introduced Peerwise to develop problem-solving ability in our undergraduates studying in Physics 1A. In August 2011 the study and practice has been expanded to include courses at different educational levels and in different subjects - Chemistry and Biological Sciences.


This project will develop a web-based tool that students and staff can use to get feedback on the data captured by Electronic Voting Systems.

Physics 1A

Physics 1A is our flagship introductory course which has been blending the best of real and virtual learning environments since 1998.


Aardvark is our course management system for creating, managing and deploying complex scientific course materials. It has an easy to learn GUI and supports multiple output formats from a single source, automatically representing mathematics online using MathML.

DUMP: Database of Useful MCQs for Physics

The DUMP Project has transformed our bank of self-test MCQ/MRQ questions into an online public resource that educators can use freely.

LEaD: Learner Experiences across the Disciplines

This project will undertake a study of first-year students from a variety of different entry routes and across a variety of subject areas at the University of Edinburgh.

e-Learning Tracking

The e-Learning Tracking project allowed us to discover how Physics 1A students used our eLearning materials, leading to some interesting observations and allowing us to improve our delivery in light of this feedback.

STEER: Student Tracking for the Evaluation of E-learning Resources

STEER built on the e-Learning Tracking project by widening its scope to other courses within the University.


This collaborative project with the School of Divinity introduced podcasting to first year students, helping them orientate themselves at the beginning of semester and provided supplementary material to aid effective learning.

Sign-Up Tool

The Sign-Up Tool is an administrative tool for students and staff that helps some courses with the process of allocating students to timetabled activities like tutorials and labs. The tool gives the students some choice in their potential allocations whilst optimising room use. It is also used to sign-up students to projects.

Coursework Submission Tool

The Coursework Submission Tool is a web-based application for facilitating the online submission and management of coursework assignments.

COSMaP: Contextual On-line Solution of the Mathematics Problem

The COSMaP project built a web-based system to allow students to help learn mathematics by flavouring the mathematics to suit their degree course and interests.

Electronic Voting System

In September 2005, we introduced a Personal Response System to the Physics 1A lectures, making lectures more interactive and giving the students more input into the direction of each lecture.