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Coursework Submission Tool

Coursework Submission Tool screenshot


The Coursework Submission Tool is a web-based application for handling the submission of coursework assignments and the subsequent marking, moderation and feedback workflow. It was created to support our two MSc programmes on High Performance Computing and Distributed Scientific Computing. Its features include:

  • Assignments may be marked anonymously.
  • It supports “complex” Assignments consisting of a number of distinct Deliverables that may have independent deadlines and restrictions.
  • It supports the granting of time Extensions when necessary. (E.g. if you get run over by a bus!)
  • It contains a full workflow for marking, moderating and releasing marks and feedback, as well as simple reporting mechanisms.
  • It can generate personalised iCal feeds, allowing simple integration with staff and student's calendaring systems.

Project Status

Development started in summer 2008 and the software is now in its second year of active use.

Project Contacts

Dr David McKain, School of Physics and Astronomy (Technical lead)
Dr Bob Mann, School of Physics and Astronomy (Project sponsor for DSC)
Dr Judy Hardy, School of Physics and Astronomy (Project sponsor for HPC)