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Podcast Feed Page for Physics
A screen capture of the physics podcast feed page. (Click to expand)



This project is a collaborative project with the School of Divinity to use podcasts to help orientate and support 1st year students. The podcasts do not contain lecture material, but instead focus on providing additional supplemental material with 'a student voice' - contributions from past students talking about strategies for effective learning.

This project wishes to explore the uptake/effectiveness of this kind of material with the possibility of extending the idea in future semesters.

Key Outcomes

  • To introduce podcasts to 1st year students, providing supplemental material that will help with their learning and orientation in Semester 1.
  • To gain experience with authoring and publishing podcasts through the use of University of Edinburgh centrally-managed services - media hosting and podcast feed page delivery.
  • To evaluating uptake/effectiveness of podcasting by 1st year students.

Project Status

This project has been running from June 2006, with the first podcasts being delivered to Physics 1A students at the beginning of Semester 1 in October 2006.

Project Contacts

Prof Simon Bates, School of Physics and Astronomy (Project Manager)
Mr Keith Brunton, School of Physics and Astronomy (Technical Lead)