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Sign-Up page for a student
A screen capture of the signup process (Click to expand)

Sign-Up Tool


The Sign-Up Tool is a web-based tool, developed in-house, which is used by students and staff to simplify/manage the process of students signing up for timetabled and project-based activities - it is used by a number of courses to help with the fair distribution of large numbers of students across a set number of tutorials or labs.

As a timetabling tool for activites, Students are given some say in what timetable slots are preferrable to them and the tool in turn presents an optimal allocation of students to slots to the course administrator for allocation. Students can see which slot they've been allocated to once allocated.

Similarly, as a project-allocation tool it can be used to coordinate and determine best (or good) allocations of 'm' students to 'n' projects.

The Sign-Up Tool:

  • reduces administrative errors arising out of the complex process of allocating students to activities.
  • more 'fairly' allocates students while still giving students a somewhat free choice in which options are best for them.

Project History

This project arose from the ideas presented in a system created in 2005/2006 by David McKain to help allocate students to some pre-hons physics courses.

Project Status

This project was initiated in April 2006, with the first use in Semester 1, 2006. Since then it has been continuously updated to add new functionality and is currently being redeveloped to allow itto be used by other schools in the college/university.

Project Contacts

Prof Simon Bates, School of Physics and Astronomy (Project Manager)
Mr Keith Brunton, School of Physics and Astronomy (Technical Lead)