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T1. Rheological Control
  • Switching hydrodynamics in liquid crystal devices: a simulation perspective

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  • Discontinuous shear thickening without inertia in dense non-Brownian suspensions

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  • Flexoelectric switching in cholesteric blue phases

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  • Yielding and flow of concentrated Pickering emulsions

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  • Rheology of cubic blue phases

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  • Rheology of lamellar liquid crystals in two and three dimensions

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  • Bulk rheology and microrheology of active fluids

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T2. Adding Live Ingredients
  • The role of mechanical forces in the planar-to-bulk transition in growing E. coli microcolonies

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  • Speed of invasion of an expanding population by a horizontally transmitted trait

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  • Switching of swimming modes in M. gryphiswaldense

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  • Enhanced diffusion of non-swimmers in a three-dimensional bath of motile bacteria

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  • Colloids in Active Fluids: Anomalous Microrheology and Negative Drag

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T3. Active Self Assembly
  • Phase behaviour of active Brownian particles: the role of dimensionality

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  • Ionic effects in self-propelled Janus swimmers

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  • Scalar phi-4 field theories for active particle phase separation

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  • Constraint-driven condensation in large fluctuations of linear statistics

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  • Continuum Theory of Phase Separation Kinetics for Active Brownian Particles

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  • Disordered exclusion process revisited

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  • Malliavin Weight Sampling for Computing Sensitivity Coefficients in Brownian Dynamics Simulations

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  • Osmosis in a minimal model system

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M1. Soft Energy Materials
  • Self-assembly of colloid-cholesteric composites provides a possible route to switchable optical materials

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  • The dynamics of colloidal intrusions in liquid crystals,

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  • Making a Robust Interfacial Scaffold: Bijel Rheology and its Link to Processability,

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M2. Exotic Emulsions
  • Colloidal Aggregation in Mixtures of Partially Miscible Liquids by Shear-Induced Capillary Bridges

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  • Squeezing particle-stabilized emulsions into biliquid foams - equation of state

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  • Assembling cellular networks of colloids via emulsions of partially miscible liquids: A compositional approach

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  • Colloidal Templating at a Cholesteric-Oil Interface

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M3. Colloid/polymer composites
  • Delayed solidification of soft glasses: new experiments, and a theoretical challenge

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  • Slip of gels in colloid-polymer mixtures under shear

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M4. Protein aggregates
  • Mechanistic and environmental control of the prevalence and lifetime of amyloid oligomers,

    R.J.Morris, K. Eden, R. Yarwood, L. Jourdain, R.J.Allen, C.E. MacPhee, Nature Comms 4 1891 (2013)

  • BslA is a self-assembling bacterial hydrophobin that coats the Bacillus subtilis biofilm,

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  • Effect of Protonation State on the Stability of Amyloid Oligomers Assembled from TTR(105-115),

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  • Modelling amyloid fibril formation kinetics: mechanisms of nucleation and growth,

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