Particle Physics Colloquia:

Date Time Room Speaker Institute Title
07/01/20092pm3218Hiroyuki KawamuraLiverpoolOperator product expansion for B-meson distribution amplitudes
14/01/20092pmLT BTania RobensAachenAlternative dipole subtraction using Nagy-Soper dipoles
21/01/20092pmSUPA roomDirk BrömmelSouthamptonMeson Distribution Amplitudes and their Renormalisation
28/01/20092pmLT BDavid LinNCTU, TaiwanLearning to walk step by step on the lattice
04/02/200910.30amRoyal SocietyHiggs Maxwell WorkshopEdinburghCurrent Status and Future Prospects
11/02/20092pmLT BEric GregoryGlasgowPrecision B meson mass calculations with NRQCD and HISQ quarks
18/02/20092pmLT BClaudio PicaEdinburghBeyond QCD applications of LGT with fermions in higher representations
03/03/20095pm6301Jack SmithStony BrookGeneral mass variable flavour parton densities
04/03/20094pm5326Nicolas GreinerZürichAutomation of the Dipole Subtraction Method in Madgraph
25/03/20092pmLT BMaurizio PiaiSwanseaWalking dynamics from string duals
08/04/20092pm5326John CampbellGlasgowA fresh look at single top production
15/04/20092pm6206Tobias KleinschmidtEdinburghNumerical evaluation of loop integrals using Feynman's tree theorem
22/04/20092pm5215Philipp MaierhöferKarlsruheFrom Current Correlators to Heavy Quark Masses
06/05/20092pm5215Douglas RossSouthamptonLow-x Gluon Distribution from Discrete BFKL Pomerons
14/05/20092pm5215Nicolas GarronMadridNon-perturbative HQET at the 1/m order
27/05/20092pm5215Mar Bastero-GilGranadaInflation and Supergravity

*broadcast from Glasgow

Local details:

The Colloquia are held in various rooms in the James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB), King's Buildings.
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