Particle Physics Colloquia:

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Wednesday, June 11
Daniel Maitre , SLAC
Automation of one-loop Amplitudes

2:00 pm, 6206, JCMB, Physics

Wednesday, June 18
Lorenzo Magnea , Turin
Non-perturbative effects for QCD jets at hadron colliders

2:00 pm, 6206, JCMB, Physics

Spring term 2008

Date Time Room Speaker Institute Title
23/01/20082pm5326Kazunori KohriLancasterCosmological implications of a long-lived massive particle and its detectability at LHC
30/01/20081pmRoyal ObservatoryPPT StudentsEdinburghPPT Symposium
06/02/20082pm5326Markus AhlersOxfordProbing Exotic Physics with Neutrino Telescopes
13/02/200810.30amRoyal SocietyHiggs-Maxwell-WorkshopEdinburghElectroweak Symmetry Breaking
20/02/20082pm5326Silvia NeccoValenciaTesting chiral effective theory with lattice QCD
27/02/20082pm5326Alberto GuffantiFreiburgNon-perturbative effects in the W and Z transverse momentum distribution
05/03/20082pm5326Björn LederDublinNon-perturbative renormalisation and lattice fermions with improved chiral properties
12/03/20082pm5326David KaplanUniv. of WashingtonSign Problems in Lattice Field Theory
19/03/20085pm6206Roberto PittauGranadaThe OPP method to compute one-loop amplitudes at the integrand level
26/03/20082pm5326Terrance FigyDurhamNLO QCD corrections for Higgs production via VBF in association of three jets
02/04/20082pm6206Frank SteffenMPI MünchenSupersymmetric Dark Matter Candidates
07/04/20082pm6206Keith EllisFermilabThe assault on one loop QCD
17/04/20082pm6206Jeff ForshawManchesterSoft gluons and superleading logarithms
07/05/20082pm6206Joey HustonMichigan StateFirst we rediscover the Standard Model: roadmap for the first inverse femtobarn at the LHC
11/06/20082pm6206Daniel MaitreSLACAutomation of one-loop Amplitudes
18/06/20082pm6206Lorenzo MagneaTurinNon-perturbative effects for QCD jets at hadron colliders

Local details:

The Colloquia are held in Lecture Theatre C (=3908) in Semester 1 and in 5326 in Semester 2, both in the James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB), King's Buildings.
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