Full LaTeX Input Demo


This demo lets you enter a chunk of (text mode) LaTeX for SnuggleTeX to convert into XHTML and MathML. You can include mathematics within your LaTeX in the usual way.

Simply enter some LaTeX into the box below and hit Go! to see the results.

(If you just want to convert a single mathematical formula then you will find the Simple Math Input Demo more useful in this case.)


Your browser does not support MathML so we have converted any MathML in this page to either XHTML + CSS or images, depending on how complex the MathML is.

(Note: this statement will not necessarily be true if you are viewing a cached or proxied version of this page, e.g. within the Google cache or something similar. In this case, try viewing the page directly if you can.)

Welcome to SnuggleTeX!

  • This is an itemized list.
  • This is some inline maths: x2+y2=1
  • Some block maths:
    (Note: This currently doesn’t display nicely in Firefox 3. Boo…)
  • A 2×2 matrix created via a user-defined command:
Here is an example of a SnuggleTeX error message. You can set it up to display the messages inline (as we have here) or report them in various other ways:

SnuggleTeX Error (TTEC00)

Undefined command \doh
At line 20, column 1 of input Form Input