MathML Browser Requirements

If you use SnuggleTeX to produce XHTML + MathML Web Pages, the resulting pages will only be viewable on browsers capable of displaying MathML.

As you will probably know, most browsers in the Mozilla family (e.g. Firefox) support and display MathML natively so are in many ways the best options. (However, the quality of MathML rendering has regressed to some degree in the recently-released Firefox 3, which is a little disappointing.)

Internet Explorer 6 and above can be targeted very well using the freely available MathPlayer  plug-in, which does a very nice job of displaying MathML.

Other browsers do not yet support MathML natively so if you need to target them, you should consider Creating Legacy Web Pages.

As you will see on the MathML Web Page Types page, SnuggleTeX offers a number of pre-defined templates that target specific MathML-capable browsers in various ways. Each has its own pros and cons and you will need to pick the one that suits your target audience best.

The following table might help:

Target Audience Suggestions
Firefox only Use the MOZILLA  page type. This is the most efficient way of displaying MathML on these browsers.
IE only with MathPlayer pre-installed Use the MATHPLAYER_HTML  page type. This is the most efficient option in this case, but will not work if your clients do not already have MathPlayer installed.
IE only, not sure if MathPlayer is installed If you know that your clients have sufficient privileges and ability to be able to install MathPlayer, then you could use the UNIVERSAL_STYLESHEET  option as that will prompt for installation of MathPlayer if required. Otherwise, it might be safer to serve up legacy content, as described below.
Firefox and IE with MathPlayer pre-installed The CROSS_BROWSER_XHTML  page type is your best bet here, though you could also use UNIVERAL_STYLESHEET .
Firefox and IE As above, if your clients can install MathPlayer then use the UNIVERSAL_STYLESHEET  type. Otherwise, it might be safer to serve up Legacy Web Pages instead.
All browsers and search engines Your safest bet in this case is to give up trying to serve MathML and use SnuggleTeX to create Legacy Web Pages instead.