SnuggleTeX 1.0.x to 1.1.0 migration guide

The most noticeable change between SnuggleTeX 1.0.x and SnuggleTeX 1.1.0 is a more modular project stucture and changes to the distribution bundles, as well as use of Apache Maven for the project sources.
  • If you were just using previously, then you will be fine with downloading the basic distribution of SnuggleTeX 1.1.0. Functionality in the old snuggletex.jar is replaced by snuggletex-core-1.1.0.jar.
  • If you were previously using the JEuclid extnensions, then you should download the full distribution of SnuggleTeX 1.1.0. From this, you will need snuggletex-core-1.1.0.jar and snuggletex-jeuclid-1.1.0.jar.
  • The downConverting property of DOMOutputOptions has been removed. The same functionality is now invoked by registering an instance of the new DownConvertingPostProcessor class as a DOMPostProcessor.
  • The internal DOMBuilderFacade class has been renamed as DOMBuildingController.
  • The inferringMathStructure property from SnuggleConfiguration has been removed. This functionality is provided in a much more generalised form in the new up-conversion module and you should now use this if that functionality was important. (That said, you should probably move to 1.2.0 instead of 1.1.0 in this case!)
  • The old AbstractWebPageOptions class and its 2 concrete sublcasses have been replaced by a single WebPageOutputOptions. A helper class called WebPageOutputOptionsTemplates makes it easier to create suitably-configured instances of these options from specified WebPageTypes.
  • JEuclid-based outputs are now obtained by using the JEuclidUtilities helper class to construct a suitable WebPageOutputOptions that is set up to perform the JEuclid magic automatically. Note that you will need to ensure that snuggletex-jeuclid.jar is in your ClassPath here.