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Wiktionary defines "Anelloni" as

1. A type of pasta similar to rigatoni but with ridges on the inside.

2. A type of pasta developed to investigate ring-shaped polymers.

IOP Physics World has published a feature article under the title:
"A Taste for Anelloni" (Phys. World, 27, 2014) IOP interview IOP blog PDF
and it has been displayed in the cover of the journal "Polymers", 9 2017 link

Cooking an experiment with Anelloni

  • Shape the flour into a mound on a clean surface and make a large well in the middle.
  • Add the eggs bit by bit to the flour and mix until you get a smooth dough, taking care to avoid the dough becoming clumpy.
  • Knead rigorously by hand for 15-20 minutes in until the dough is smooth and elastic.
  • Flatten the dough out with a rolling pin to form a thin sheet.
  • Cover one half of the sheet with a piece of baking paper so that the dough doesn't stick as you take one end of the sheet and fold it over itself, making sure it overlaps by about 1 cm.
  • Moisten the overlapped region with water and then seal the sheet together to create a flat, open cylindrical shape.
  • Using scissors, cut thin strips along the dough at 90 degrees to the sealed edge to form closed rings of pasta, or anelloni.
  • Cook for 3-5 minutes in plenty of boiling water.
  • Enjoy it with a generous drizzling of olive oil and lots of Parmesan!