1. Go to 2. Select "Stable version (day-month-year) and "download now" 2a. Note. The most recent version of lammps requires c++11 compiler which is not autmoatically fouond in some architectures (linux). In these cases it is suggested to go to "" and select an older version e.g. lammps-12Dec18.tar.gz 3. Open a terminal 4. Move the lammps archive to your Work folder, e.g. type "mv ~/Downloads/lammps-xxx.tar.gz ~/Documents/Work/" 5. Unpack the archive -> "tar -xzf lammps-xxx.tar.gz" 6. Change directiory into lammps source folder -> "cd lammps-xxx/src/" 7. Show the types of compilers -> type "make" 7a. NOTE. if lammps version is >2019 you *may* have to change two lines in src/MAKE/Makefile.serial (or corresponding file for MPI) as follows CC = clang++ CCFLAGS = -std=c++11 -stdlib=libc++ 8. Show the packages -> type "make package-status" or "make ps" 9. Activate the Monte Carlo, Rigid and Molecular package -> type "make yes-mc"; "make yes-molecule"; "make yes-rigid" 10. Now compile lammps -> "make serial" or "make mpi" (for parallel processing) 11. You should have an executable called "lmp_serial" or "lmp_mpi". Move that executable to your home directory -> type "cp lmp_serial ~/" 12. Now you can download the tutorials here