Selected Publications

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E. Orlandini, D. Marenduzzo, D. Michieletto, Synergy of Topoisomerase and SMC proteins Creates a Universal Pathway to Simplify Genome Topology , PNAS , 2019

D. Michieletto, M. Lusic, D. Marenduzzo, E. Orlandini, Physical Principles of Retroviral Integration in the Human Genome, Nature Communications, 10(575), 2019

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D. Michieletto, M. Chiang, D. Colì€, A. Papantonis, E. Orlandini, P. R. Cook, D. Marenduzzo, Shaping Epigenetic Memory via Genomic Bookmarking, Nucleic Acids Res., 46(1), 2018

D. Michieletto, N. Nahali, A. Rosa, Glassiness and Heterogeneous Dynamics in Dense Solutions of Ring Polymers, Phys. Rev. Lett., 119(197801), 2017

C.A. Brackley, J. Johnson, D. Michieletto, A.N. Morozov, M. Nicodemi, P.R. Cook, D. Marenduzzo, Nonequilibrium Chromosome Looping via Molecular Slip Links , Phys. Rev. Lett. 119(138101), 2017

Y. A. Fosado, D. Michieletto, D. Marenduzzo, Dynamical Scaling and Phase Coexistence in Topologically-Constrained DNA Melting, Phys. Rev. Lett., 119(118002), 2017

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D. Michieletto, E. Orlandini and D. Marenduzzo, Polymer Model with Epigenetic Recolouring Reveals a Pathway for the De Novo Establishment and 3D Organization of Chromatin Domains, Phys. Rev. X, 6(041047), 2016

D. Michieletto, On the Tree-Like Structure of Rings in Dense Solutions, Soft Matter, 12, 2016

D. Michieletto, D. Marenduzzo, E. Orlandini, Is the Kinetoplast DNA a Percolating Network of Linked Rings at its Critical Point? , Phys. Biol., 12(036001), 2015

D. Michieletto, D. Marenduzzo, E. Orlandini, G. P. Alexander, M. S. Turner, Threading Dynamics of Ring Polymers in a Gel, ACS Macro Lett., 3, 2014