Selected Talks

Talk at "Topological Soft Matter" workshop, Edinburgh, May 2023
Recorded Talk

Talk on Topologically Active Polymers (17.11.2021)
Keynote speaker at the Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Early Career Scientist Symposium. Event

Talk on Topologically Active Polymers (29-31.03.2021)
At the Faraday joint interest group conference 2021 Event

Talk on HIV integration (1-6.03.2021)
at Multiscale Simulation & Mathematical Modelling of Complex Biological Systems (virtual, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India) Speakers

Talk on Topologically Active Polymers (02.2021)
Link to recording: DNA nanotech webinar series

Talk on HIV integration (29.01.2021)
Link to recording: Sussex Biochemistry and Biomedicine seminar series

Talk on HIV integration and Topoisomerase models (01.2021)
Link to recording: Duke Mathematical Biology Seminar series

Selected Publications

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