Supplementary Movies

This page contains supplementary movies for the paper:
Shaping Epigenetic Memory via Genomic Bookmarking

M0 3D dynamics with reclouring for a system with thermodynamically preferred blue marks and a small red-bookmarked region. In the left-bottom corner, the kymograph is also shown.
M1 Detailed movie on how a bookmark (yellow bead) acts as nucleation point for red marks.
M2 Clustered Bookmarks
M3 Mixed Bookmarks
M4 Random Bookmarks
M5 Bookmark VS No Bookmark w biased interactions
M6 Simulations of the Drosophila Ch3R with orange (PSC) bookmarks and purple (PCG) marks competing with blue (H3K9) marks
M7 Simulation of the co-transcriptional recolouring model. Green segments are dynamically recoloured as PolII transcribes genes around looped promoters. Heterochromatin (blue beads) tries to invade the gene-rich regions. The steady state displays transcription factories (clustered promoters) together with heterochromatin compartments (blue blobs).
See publication () for more details on the work.