The Team

Davide Michieletto - PI (CV)
Royal Society University Research Fellow.
davide.michieletto [at]

Cleis Battaglia - PhD
Genome organisation and DNA integration.
C.Battaglia [at]

Amandine Hong-Minh - PhD
NANOG gels
A.Hong-Minh [at]

Simon Weir - PDRA
Microrheology of DNA and proteins. [at]

Giorgia Palombo - PhD
Hybrid DNA hydrogels.
G.Palombo [at]

Jenny Harnett - SOFI PhD
Rheology of DNA origami.
J.Harnett-1 [at]

Maria Panoukidou - PDRA
Modelling of Living Polymers.
Maria.Panoukidou [at]

Yair Fosado - PDRA
Multi-scale Modelling of DNA.
yair.fosado [at]

Dinesh Parthasarathy - PhD
Microrheology of TAPs.
D.Parthasarathy [at]

Filippo Conforto - PhD
Modelling dense TAPs.
F.Conforto [at]

Saminathan Ramakrishnan - PDRA
Single Molecule TAPs.
saminathan.ramakrishnan [at]

Ella Sapsford - SOFI PhD
Polyrotaxanes: Tough meets Stretchy
E.Sapsford [at]

Emma Tomlinson - Phys/Chem PhD
High-throughput drug discovery

Auro Patnaik. MPhys 2022 - Biophysics of DNA-NANOG interactions
Sabrina Hardy. MPhys 2022 - Modulation of DNAns hydrogels
Thom Greenlaw. MPhys 2021 - Random Knotting by Ligation
Chris Hayes. Biology Hons 2021 - Topological DNA Molecules
Joseph Sleiman. MPhys 2021 - Machine Learning Knots
Niamh Harper. MPhys 2020 - imaging DNA (jointly w Mathew Horrocks)
Liam Bradbury. MPhys 2020 - imaging DNA
Marios Giannakou. MPhys 2020 - DNA topology.
David Evans. MPhys 2019 - Microrheology of entangled DNA.
Elias Melas. MPhys 2019 - Mechanisms of DNA (un)knotting

Available Opportunities

We are looking for a PDRA with experimental background on DNA biophysics. The project involves studying the viscoelasticity of entangled solutions of large DNA in combination with proteins such as transcription factors, Topoisomerase and others. If interested email Davide at davide.michieletto [at]

Funding Opportunities
Depending on your career stage, there are a number of funding opportunities for postdocs and PhDs. If you are considering applying for one of these, feel free to get in touch, in general I would be very happy to support it!

Wellcome Trust Fellowship
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship
Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship
Funding for independent research for up to 3 years
Royal Society Newton International Fellowship
Funding non-UK PDRA to work in UK for 2 years
EMBO Fellowship

UoE postgraduate funding portal
UoE Global Scholarship
China Scholarship Council
Principal’s Career Development PhD Scholarships
Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Program
Carnegie Trust
Funding UK and non-UK PhD students