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MP3/P3 Electromagnetism


The syllabus ,contains information an outline syllabus and recommended texts Lecture notes, tutorials, handouts, etc are available in two formats:

Lecture Notes

Any errors in the lecture notes (should!) have been corrected in these online versions. If you find errors please let me know. The notes do not contain figures.

N.B. 2013/14

This year the Electromagnetism Course is a full year 20 point course. The first semester (Foundations) will follow closely the previous course which students coped well with last year. The second semester to be lectured by Dr R. J. Cole will follow in from the S1 course and develop further electromagnetic waves and physical optics.

I will distribute written notes (updated and corrected from last year's version). They will be available here electronically or from me in hard copy, after the lecture has taken place. Students are encouraged to take notes in the lectures as the structure of the lectures may be more informal and a little different from the notes.

The first week's lectures cover material introduced in second year in Dynamics and Vector Calculus and Physics 2B and it is important to revise this material as it is integral to the study of electromagnetism

Therefore the Tutorial Workshops begin in Week 1

Lecture Notes

Section   1: ( PostScript , PDF )   Revision of Vector Calculus
Section   2: ( PostScript , PDF )   Revision of Electrostatics
Section   3: ( PostScript , PDF )   Gauss' Law
Section   4: ( PostScript , PDF )   Poisson's Equation
Section   5: ( PostScript , PDF )   Electric Dipoles
Section   6: ( PostScript , PDF )   Electrostatic Energy and Capacitors
Section   7: ( PostScript , PDF )   Magnetic Force, Current and Biot-Savart Law
Section   8: ( PostScript , PDF )   Divergence and Curl of B; Gauss and Ampere's Laws
Section   9: ( PostScript , PDF )   Applications of Ampere's Law; Magnetic Vector Potential
Section   10: ( PostScript , PDF )   Electromotive Force; Faraday's Law
Section   11: ( PostScript , PDF )   Inductance
Section   12: ( PostScript , PDF )   The Displacement Current
Section   13: ( PostScript , PDF )   Description of Electromagnetic Waves
Section   14: ( PostScript , PDF )   Electromagnetic Energy and the Poynting Vector
Section   15: ( PostScript , PDF )   Dielectric Media
Section   16: ( PostScript , PDF )   Magnetic Media
Section   17: ( PostScript , PDF )   Summary of EM in media; Boundary conditions on fields
Section   18: ( PostScript , PDF )   Examples of continuity conditions; Waves in Media
Section   19: ( PostScript , PDF )   Waves in Conductors; Skin Effect
Section   20: ( PostScript , PDF )   Reflection at boundaries: normal incidence
Section   21: ( PostScript , PDF )   Reflection at boundaries: oblique incidence; Brewster's angle

Box Set of Lectures

( PostScript , PDF )  

Tutorial Sheets

Tutorial 1: ( PostScript , PDF )   Revision
Tutorial 2: ( PostScript , PDF )   Electrostatics: Electric Field; Electric Potential; Gauss' Law
Tutorial 3: ( PostScript , PDF )   More Electrostatics: Images; Dipoles
Tutorial 4: ( PostScript , PDF )   Electrostatic Energy; Biot-Savart Law
Tutorial 5: ( PostScript , PDF )   More Magnetostatics: Ampere's Law; Magnetic Vector Potential
Tutorial 6: ( PostScript , PDF )   Induction
Tutorial 7: ( PostScript , PDF )   Electromagnetic Waves in Vacuo; Poynting Vector
Tutorial 8: ( PostScript , PDF )   Electric Diplacement Field; Radiation Pressure
Tutorial 9: ( PostScript , PDF )   Magnetic field H ; Boundary conditions at interfaces
Tutorial 10: ( PostScript , PDF )   Waves in Media

Feedback on Hand-ins

Other interesting stuff

Here's a nice app written by one of last year's students which illustrates how the method of images works

Here's some great MIT video lectures on Electromagnetism which cover some of our topics at an introductory level MIT videos

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