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Contact Details (Campus map)

Prof Paul Clegg
Professor of Applied Physics
School of Physics & Astronomy (Room 2614, JCMB)
University of Edinburgh
Peter Guthrie Tait Road
Edinburgh EH9 3FD

tel.: +44 131 650 5295
fax.: +44 131 650 5902

Research Interests (see also MISE Energy Materials Network and Linkedin page)

  • Soft interfacial materials
  • Application of soft materials in energy technologies, food, personal care products, etc.
  • Emulsions and emulsification
  • Guiding experiments on soft composite materials using machine learning

Selected Recent Publications (Google Scholar List)

  1. Autonomous analysis to identify bijels from two-dimensional images
    Soft Matter 16, 2565 (2020).
    E.M. Gould, K.A. Macmillan and P.S. Clegg
  2. Direct transformation of bijels into bicontinuous composite electrolytes using a pre-mix containing lithium salt.
    Materials Hoizons, 5, 499 (2018).
    D. Cai, F.H. Richter, J.H.J. Thijssen, P.G. Bruce and P.S. Clegg
  3. Colloidal spherocylinders at an interface: flipper dynamics and bilayer formation.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 018001 (2017).
    T. Li, G. Brandani, D. Marenduzzo and P.S. Clegg
  4. The Secret Life of Pickering Emulsions: Particle Exchange Revealed Using Two Colours of Particle.
    Scientific Reports 6, 31401 (2016).
    D. French, A.T. Brown, A.B. Schofield, J. Fowler, P. Taylor and P.S. Clegg

Research Links

  • Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership: ECFP
  • Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces - Centre for Doctoral Training: SOFI
  • Scottish Doctoral Training Centre in Condensed Matter Physics: CM-DTC
  • Andrew Schofield's particles: available here
  • EU Network of Excellence on Soft Matter Composites: SoftComp

Bijel: the movie - Animated microscopy images from the surface into the centre of a 1 mm thick bijel. Depth into the bijel changes with each successive frame. The images are 410 microns across and were captured within days of the bijel being created (Herzig et al. Nature Materials, 6, 966 (2007)).