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Hydrostatic and osmotic pressure


Calcium sensitive fluorescent dyes Fluo-4 and Fura Red under pressure: investigation of fluorescence and buffer properties under hydrostatic pressures up to 200 MPa

D. Schneidereit, H. Vass, R. J. Allen and O. Friedrich PLoS One 11, e0164509 (2016)


Osmosis with active solutes

        T. W. Lion and R. J. Allen 

Europhysics Letters 106, 34003 (2014)


Single-molecule imaging at high hydrostatic pressure

        H. Vass*, S. L. Black*, C. Flors, D. P. Lloyd, F. B. Ward and R. J. Allen 

Applied Physics Letters 102, 154103 (2013) (* = equal contribution).


Osmosis in a minimal model system

        T. W. Lion and R. J. Allen 

J. Chem. Phys. 137, 244911 (2012).


Genes required for growth at high hydrostatic pressure in Escherichia coli K-12 identified by genome-wide screening

          S. L. Black, A. Dawson, F. B. Ward and R. J. Allen 

PLoS One 8, e73995 (2013).


Computing the local pressure in molecular dynamics simulations

        T. W. Lion and R. J. Allen 

J. Phys. Condensed Matter 24, 284133 (2012).


A multi-purpose modular system for high-resolution microscopy at high hydrostatic pressure

        H. Vass, S. L. Black, E. M. Herzig, F. B. Ward, P. S. Clegg and R. J. Allen 

Review of Scientific Instruments 81, 053710 (2010).


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