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Spatial self-assembly of microbial populations

Model for quorum-sensing mediated stochastic biofilm formation

P. Sinclair, C. A. Brackley, M. Carballo-Pacheco and R. J. Allen

Physical Review Letters (2022)

Reviewed in Nature Reviews Physics: "Fluctuating into a biofilm" by Zoe Budrikis (2022) 


A computational model for microbial colonisation of an antifouling surface

P. Sinclair, J. Longyear, K. Reynolds, A. A. Finnie, C. A. Brackley, M. Carballo-Pacheco and R. J. Allen

Frontiers in Microbiology 13 920014 (2022)


Lineage dynamics in growing biofilms: spatial patterns of standing vs. de novo diversity 

E. Young and R. J. Allen

Frontiers in Microbiology 13 915095 (2022) 


Bacterial growth: a statistical physicist's guide

R. J. Allen and B. Waclaw

Reports on Progress in Physics  82, 016601 (2019)



A simulation study of aggregation mediated by production of cohesive molecules

G. Melaugh, D. Marenduzzo, A. Morozov and R. J. Allen 

Soft Matter 15, 9120 (2019)


The Pseudomonas aeruginosa polysaccharide PSL is a social but non-cheatable trait in biofilms

Y. Irie, A. Roberts, K. Kragh, V. Gordon, J. Hutchison, R. Allen, G. Melaugh, T. Bjarnsholt, S. West and S. Diggle

mBio 8, e00374-17 (2017)


Role of pre-formed aggregates during Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm development

    K. Kragh*, J. Hutchison*, G. Melaugh*, C. Rodesney, A. Roberts, Y. Irie, P. Jensen, S. Diggle, R. J. Allen**, V. D. Gordon** and T. Bjarnsholt** (*, ** = equal contribution)

mBio 7, e00237-16 (2016)


Shaping the growth behaviour of biofilms initiated from bacterial aggregates

        G. Melaugh, J. Hutchison, K. Kragh, Y. Irie, A. Roberts, T. Bjarnsholt, S. Diggle, V. Gordon and R. J. Allen

Plos One 11, e0149683 (2016)


Competition for space during bacterial colonisation of a surface

    D. P. Lloyd and R. J. Allen 

J. R. Soc. Interface 12, 20150608 (2015)


The role of mechanical forces in the planar-to-bulk transition in growing Escherichia coli microcolonies

        M. A. A. Grant, B. Waclaw, R. J. Allen and P. Cicuta 

J. R. Soc. Interface 11, 20140400 (2014)

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