Snare Drums


Coming soon…but here are a few sounds you might enjoy…


Some roll gestures, generated using a 3D model of a snare drum, including membranes and a set of snares attached to the snare head, all of which interact with the acoustic field. Sound is drawn from points in the field just below the snare head. No artificial reverberation has been employed…the ringing sound you hear is that of the air cavity itself…






Some march


And without the snares engaged…


No snares


It’s interesting to compare the sound you get with that produced by a “2D” mode, with two membranes coupled by an air piston…essentially you lose all the cavity modes, and the sound quality drops noticeably:


Some march…2D




And you can read the paper, from the Congres Francais d’Acoustique, Lyon, April, 2010.