My Sermons

Host churches

These are the (brave!) churches that have enabled me to develop a preaching ministry over the years:
St. Barnabas, Cambridge,
St. Paul's & St. Georges, Edinburgh
St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Edinburgh.

Gratia Dei pro vobis.

Speaking the Word

For many years, a number of congregations have asked me to share with them what I think God may be saying to us through the Bible passages read out at Sunday worship. From time to time, friends have asked for copies of my sermons. So here they are, from 2008 onwards. Discerning what God is saying to the Body of Christ today is a corporate effort. That is why my sermons are mostly expositions of texts set by the Revised Common Lectionary. So, in each case, millions of Christians throughout the world heard and responded to the same texts on the same Sunday. It is in this togetherness that we may hope to discern the divine voice. In this spirit, I invite reflections and comments from readers worldwide (click "EMAIL" to top right).

Sermons (arranged by date)


Giving voice to creation - a Christian vocation in science 210908
The work of our hands (Harvest Festival) 121008
The Church is waiting (Lessons from Simeon) 281208


Repent and believe! (What Jesus' call means today) 250109
What do you make of the risen Jesus? 190409
He ascended into heaven 240509
Us and them (Things that divide us) 190709
The dark side of creation (Meditation on Job) 181009
Hearing the Word (How to listen to Scripture read aloud) 151109


Come over and help us (Christian Aid) 090510
Cry freedom! (Getting rid of sacred cows) 130610
Free living (What does it mean to be free?) 200610
Go on, worship some more, you know you enjoy it! (Addiction to 'worship') 190910


Weakness, power and unity (Being united in brokenness) 230111
Wounds, yet visible above (Real resurrection) 010511
Shepherds and sheep ("Occupy London" and the Church) 201111
Waiting for God, waiting on God (The stature of waiting) 271111


Take up your cross (What Lent means today) 040512
Food and drink: a spiritual barometer (of how we love each other) 090912


Encountering the risen Christ (Resurrection and forgiveness) 140413
Journey with the Shepherd (Psalm 23 for today) 210413
Christ the King (Gospel for a broken cosmos) 241113


The Door (How do we welcome others?) 110514
Israel and the Church (Does God break promises?!) 170814
Annunciation is for life, not just for Christmas (Angels and annunciations for today) 211214


How do you look at stars and end up with a baby in a manger? (Epiphany, science and God) 040115
Taking risks in Jesus's name (No death for others, no resurrection) 260415