DR Victoria J Martin


Dr Victoria J Martin

Contact Information

Room 5419, James Clerk Maxwell Building

Phone: +44 131 651 7042

Fax:      +44 131 650 5902

Email: victoria.martin@ed.ac.uk

Postal Address

School of Physics and Astronomy,

University of Edinburgh.

James Clerk Maxwell Building,

Peter Guthrie Tait Road,



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Curriculum Vitae

Current Research

  1. The ATLAS experiment at the CERN LHC

                Edinburgh ATLAS webpages   

                Higgs boson discovery paper!

  1. Linear Collider Physics: ILC & CLIC

                Edinburgh ILC webpages

Conference Presentations

  1. October 2014: Linear Collider Workshop 2014 LHC physics prospects for the forth-coming period at full energy and goals for the high-luminosity runs

  2. March 2013: Rencontres de Moriond Higgs into fermions at ATLAS Webcast


  1. June 2015: IIHE, Brussels.

  2. April 2015: Bogazici University, Istanbul.

Teaching & student advising

Session 2015-16

  1. On Sabbatical at CERN

Session 2014-15

  1. MPhys Project Organiser

  2. Particle Physics

  3. Physics 1B

  4. Personal Tutor

  5. MPhys Project supervisor: Supersymmetry at CLIC

  6. MSc Project supervisor: Stop mass at CLIC

Previous Sessions’ Teaching

Previous Research

  1. LCFI Collaboration

  2. The CDF experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron

  3. NA48 Experiment

Other activities

  1. Co-chair for events, Young Academy of Scotland

  2. STFC Particle Physics Advisory Panel

  3. STFC Projects Peer Review Panel

  4. STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship Panel

  5. STFC Phenomenology Review

  6. Director of Quality for School of Physics and Astronomy

  7. College of Science & Engineering Library Committee

  8. School of Physics & Astronomy Equality & Diversity Committee

  9. Scottish Universities Summer Schools in Physics:

  10. -2006:  Neutrinos in Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

  11. -2009:  LHC Physics

  12. -2012:  LHC Physics


  1. Particle Physics Experiment Group

  2. Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics

  3. School of Physics and Astronomy

  4. University of Edinburgh

  5. Scottish Universities Physics Alliance

  6. Young Academy of Scotland


Reader in particle physics at the University of Edinburgh.

Co-chair, Young Academy of Scotland.