Research interests

Viscoelastic flow instabilities

  • Purely elastic instabilities and turbulence in polymer solutions
  • Elasto-inertial turbulence and drag reduction
  • Instabilities in shear-banded flows of worm-like micelles
  • Stress-singularities in extensional flows

Locomotion of microorganisms

  • Swimming of individual organisms in water and complex fluids
  • Collective motion in microswimmer suspensions
  • Enhanced diffusion of tracers

Transition to turbulence

  • Exact coherent states in transitional flows
  • Directed percolation transition scenario
  • Low-dimensional modelling of the transition

Biophysics and Active matter

  • Pattern formation in mixtures of microtubules and molecular motors
  • Bulk rheology and microrheology of active fluids
  • Phase separation in active particle suspensions
  • Chromosome extrusion

Soft matter

  • Micro-objects in flows of Newtonian and complex fluids
  • Discontinuous shear-thinning
  • Reversible plasticity in foams and emulsions
  • Microphase separation in block copolymers under shear
  • Particle-based simulation methods of soft matter