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I am a Research Fellow at the Particle Physics Experiments Group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Edinburgh.

Since 1999 I am a member of the LHC-b Collaboration and working on the Multianode Photomultiplier readout of the LHC-b RICH detector.
For the peer review by PPARC in March 2000 I have prepared two posters showing our work: a general LHCb RICH one (6Mb) and one presenting our own contribution (26Mb) and proposal of Multianode Photomultipliers (MaPMT) as photodetector choice for the RICH.
Meanwhile we have summed up our testbeam results in a paper submitted to NIM (final draft: 2.2Mb), and a second paper of more specific lab results is to be submitted as soon as another test series here in the Edinburgh lab is completed.

Previously, in 1998, I obtained my PhD at the University of Freiburg, Germany, working for the ZEUS Collaboration on the topic:
Measurement of the Strong Coupling Constant AlphaS from Jet Rates using the KT Jet Algorithm at ZEUS. (PhD thesis: 16.5Mb, in English)
... and yes, it's is running, indeed ;-)

This analysis didn't lead to a ZEUS publication because
a: the gain in the statistics wrt. the previous analysis was regarded as too less and
b: the systematic error due to the alphas dependence of the PDF wasn't disentagled yet.
So, actually DESY01-18 / hep-ex/0102042 (700kb) is the closest ZEUS publication to my own work. It is based on the work of Enrico Tassi who pursued this analysis to the end.

And before that I finished my Diploma thesis within the EDDA-Collaboration in 1994 on the topic:
Konstruktive und apperative Entwicklungen zum Laser-Monitorsystem des EDDA-Detekors bei COSY. (diploma thesis: in German)

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