Stewart McWilliams

Student Research Opportunities

Students interested in joining the group for a PhD are always welcome.

The University of Edinburgh School of Physics offers various possibilities for student support here.

Studentships are available through the School, through SUPA, or the Condensed Matter Doctoral Training Centre. Potential projects are listed on the Condensed Matter DTC’s web site.

Postgraduate research projects (Edinburgh)

Currently our lab has the following research projects for graduate students:

    • Ageing the Earth: Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Materials at High Pressures

    • Micro-Confinement of Dense Energetic Plasmas

    • Transforming Matter with Powerful Lasers: Uncovering Stars and Planets in the Laboratory

Honours/MPhys Undergraduate projects (Edinburgh)

Potential undergraduate research projects are listed on the School’s wiki page (requires login).  Mphys Projects

Senior Honours Projects

Summer research projects (Edinburgh & Elsewhere)

Summer student's programme in DESY, Hamburg, Germany (undergraduate).