Full-time physicist and part-time rhymer

Cheryl Patrick, PhD

Hello! I'm an STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow in high-energy particle physics at the University of Edinburgh. My research is focussed on tiny, mysterious particles called neutrinos, and what we can discover about both neutrinos and nuclei when they interact in various ways.

Smash particles and patriarchy!

I'm a member of three great physics collaborations. The SuperNEMO experiment, where I'm analysis coordinator, will look for neutrinoless double-beta decay - a never-seen radioactive decay that could be the only process to create matter without antimatter. It can also give us unique insights into nuclear processes.

I'm also a convener of the neutrino-interaction and Standard Model physics group on DUNE, a huge next-generation experiment that will study the beyond-the-Standard-Model process opf neutrino oscillations. Understanding how neutrinos interact with matter is key to DUNE's success, and on the e4nu experiment, we approach this in a novel way, by looking for parallels with electron scattering.

For many years, I've enjoyed writing comic poetry, so it seemed natural to combine my two interests and branch out into science-themed poetry and songs. I've had a great time performing my songs, and would love the opportunity to do more. Give me a call if you're interested in something, because I'm always looking for inspiration!

When I'm not doing physics or writing poems, I enjoy travelling, getting out in the Scottish countryside, cooking, and playing with my two adorable but naughty cats. I once folded 1000 origami cranes in physics seminars.

I am including cat pictures, because I know that's why you're really here.

Bailey the cat Bailey helps me practise my seminars
Rombles the cat Rombles has better things to do