Full-time physicist and part-time rhymer

Cheryl Patrick, PhD

Smash particles and patriarchy!

A former professional software developer from Europe, I moved to the USA to work on a PhD in high-energy particle physics. After six years in Chicago working on Fermilab's MINERvA neutrino-scattering experiment, I'm now at UCL in London, where I am currently Analysis Coordinator of the SuperNEMO neutrinoless double-beta decay experiment.

For many years, I've enjoyed writing comic poetry, so it seemed natural to combine my two interests and branch out into science-themed poetry and songs. I've had a great time performing my songs, and would love the opportunity to do more. Give me a call if you're interested in something, because I'm always looking for inspiration!

When I'm not doing physics or writing poems, I enjoy travelling, getting out in the Kent countryside, cooking, and playing with my two adorable but naughty cats. I once folded 1000 origami cranes in physics seminars.

I am including cat pictures, because I know that's why you're really here.

Bailey the cat Bailey helps me practise my seminars
Rombles the cat Rombles has better things to do