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09/2019 Non Equilibrium Theory of Epigenomic Microphase Separation in the Cell Nucleus
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08/2019 Looking forward to Physics Meets Biology 2019 in Oxford in September! Link

08/2019    Very proud to have been awarded a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship which will start in May 2020 at the University of Edinburgh

08/2019    Excited to start my new position as Research Fellow in the Dept. of Mathematical Sciences in Bath!

05/2019    Meeting on 4D genome organisation in Venice (3-5 October 2019): More informations and details HERE and yes, the venue of the conference is the one in the picture! :)

05/2019    Very productive meeting with Hans Neutzmann and Alex Bousios on the topology and topography of transposable elements! Many thanks to the Physics of Life Network for funding!

04/2019    New review on the role of RNA on chromatin organisation

04/2019    Interdisciplinary Challenges in Non-Equilibrium Physics going at full steam!

03/2019    "Synergistic Topological Simplification of the Genome" now in PNAS

01/2019    "Physical Principles of Retroviral Integration" now in Nature Communications

11/2018    With the support of the Higgs Centre, the Physics of Life and the Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium Networks George Constable (Bath), Gianmaria Falasco (Luxembourg), Elsen Tjhung (Cambridge) and I will be hosting an "Interdisciplinary Challenges in Non-Equilibrium Physics" Workshop in Edinburgh (10-13 April 2019, LINK).

05/2018    Congratulations to Luca Tubiana and Raffaello Potestio for organising and winning a COST action on Topology. EUTOPIA will connect people working on a range of topics, from liquid crystals to chromatin! A great chance for new collaborations and projects!!

01/2018    The first workshop on the Physics of Epigenetic and Chromatin Dynamics will be held in Edinburgh 16-17 April 2018. The registration is free but only a limited number of places are available. For poster abstract submission please email davide.michieletto@ed.ac.uk.

01/2018    Our recent paper on Epigenetic Memory and Genomic Bookmarking has been published in Nucleic Acids Research!

11/2017    Paper in collaboration with Angelo Rosa on the glassy dynamics of ring polymers under random pinning has been published in PRL

09/2017    Congratulations to Chris for his paper on Non-Equilibrium Chromosome Looping. An alternative view to loop extrusion "without a motor"! Made the cover of the Sept. issue of PRL!!

20/05/2017    Welcome Dante!

12/2016    Our paper on a Recolourable Polymer model to describe chromatin folding with an underlying dynamic epigenome has been published in PRX, followed up by an APS Focus story on How Cells Remember Who They Are signed by science writer Philip Ball

12/2016    My paper on the Tree-Like Structure of Rings has been published in Soft Matter!

05/2016    Last paper of my PhD: A Topologically-Driven Glass in Ring Polymers has been published in PNAS with a News&Views in Nature Physics!

10/2015    Paper on the Topological Patterns of DNA Knots accepted in PNAS!!

09/2015    Very honored to receive the IOP Ian Macmillan Ward Prize for best PhD student publication in Polymer Physics

05/2015    My model for the Kinetoplast DNA a genomic "medieval chainmail" has been published in Physical Biology

12/2014    A Taste for Anelloni has been featured in the IOP magazine Physics World followed up by a new entry in the Wiktionary!