Nuclear and Particle Physics - Junior Honours

Part II - Particle Physics



Course Organization


The outline of the course is given here.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are available after each lecture as .pdf files. Hardcopies are available upon request.

Lecture 1 --- view --- Introduction
Lecture 2 --- view --- Experimental Techniques, Theoretical Concepts
Lecture 3 --- view --- Quantum Electrodynamics, Feynman Diagrams
Lecture 4 --- view --- Interactions with Matter, Accelerators, Detectors
Lectures 5&6 --- view --- Quantum Chromodynamics, e+e- Annihilation, Charmonium, Deep Inelastic Scattering
Lecture 7 --- view --- Quark Model, Isospin, Strangeness
Lecture 8 --- view --- Weak Interaction, Charged Currents
Lecture 9 --- view --- Neutrinos, Neutrino Oscillations
Lecture 10 --- view --- Z and W Bosons, Electroweak Theory, Higgs


The following typos or errors in the handouts have been corrected in the online notes. Please email me, if you spot further errors.
Lecture 2, p.9 - s instead of sqrt(s) equation on top
Lecture 2, p.14 - exp[-i(E t - p x) ] at bottom of page
Lecture 2, p.15 - Halzen/Martin p.80
Lecture 4, p.4 - DeltaE proportional to gamma^4
Lecture 9 p.6 - E_i = p_i + m_i^2/2p_i


Tutorial question sheets are given below. Outline answers will be distributed in week 11.

Problem Sheet 1 Introduction, Measuring Techniques
Problem Sheet 2 Quantum Electrodynamics, Interaction with Matter, Accelerators, Detectors
Problem Sheet 3 Quantum Chromodynamics, e+e- Annihilations, DIS, Quark Model
Typo in hardcopy: "Problem Sheet 2" instead of " ... 3" --- corrected in online version
Problem Sheet 4 Weak Interactions, Neutrinos, W and Z Bosons

F. Muheim