Physical Mathemetics Lectures

Tuesday & Friday : 10:00 - 10:50

Lecture theatre B, JCMB


I am revising the notes and several versions will be released with the later sections updated as they are presently under construction.

Notes v1.0

Drumskin modes

I was asked to place images of Drumskin modes on the web page:

             n=0, m=1                                                         n=0 m=2

          n=1, m=1                                                         n=1 m=2


Workshops (weeks 2-11)

Tuesday, 11:10-13:00, JCMB 1206C

Tuesday, 14:00-15:50, JCMB 3217

Tutorial Worksheets

Part 1        Part 2    Part 3     MockExam   Part 4

Solutions  -- Released after tutorials

Part 1 solutions (also handwritten in teaching office)

Part 2 solutions

Part 3 solutions handwritten in teaching office

Part 4 solutions handwritten in teaching office

Mock exam


Contact:, JCMB Room 4407